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Mosquito Squad is a Proud Member of the Georgia Mosquito Control Association

At Mosquito Squad, we approach every day with a passion to do our best in every capacity possible so our clients can enjoy their yards and outdoor spaces. We also strive to provide extraordinary service in every aspect of our client relationships, from the first time we answer your phone call to continually treating your property with the utmost respect. In an effort to be the best at what we do, we are proud members of the Georgia Mosquito Control Association.

Georgia Mosquito Control Association (GMCA)
Georgia Mosquito Control Association (GMCA) is a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to providing leadership, information, and education to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Georgia through the use of integrated mosquito management practices. Founded in 1977, the GMCA is comprised of local and state government officials, commercial applicators, industry, and research/academic members from the state.

Georgia Mosquito Control Association Conference
GMCA hosts an annual educational and trade conference for its members (and any other interested individuals) to help promote inter-governmental cooperation and serve as a forum for the advancement of responsible mosquito and vector control. Conference participants are able to exchange insight with colleagues and learn the latest information concerning all aspects of mosquito biology, surveillance, and control.

Georgia Mosquito Control Association Website
The GMCA website is a valuable tool for those involved in the mosquito control industry and the general public looking to stay updated on the most recent developments in mosquito control products and techniques. Though the website, the GMCA provides an update newsletter, supplemental study aids for applicator exams, mosquito information, sample forms, updates on governmental acts the affect the industry, as well as a variety of additional information and services.

Mosquito Squad is Dedicated to Our Local and Global Family
At Mosquito Squad we are America’s most trusted tick and mosquito control company. While we have protected more than 100,000 backyards, we are also dedicated to protecting families around the world from the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes. In an effort to eliminate malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, we have partnered with Malaria No More to educate mothers and their children as well as provide them with tests, treatments, and protective bed nets to avoid mosquito bites when they sleep. Every day we are dedicated to our mantra: Passion. Service. Education. Giving.

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